What is “El Neno”?

El Neno del Sombrero (The Hat’s Boy) is an advertising agency, specialized in online marketing. Our strength is the design and redesign of websites, including web positioning. Years of experience and an unlimited supply of motivation can be a your disposal!

Do you know as the saying goes “The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”? Our own website is the son at the moment and therefor currently under construction. We are working hard on our website and it is comming soon. But at the moment our clients and their projects are our major task and we are looking forward to have you as our client.

See you soon!

Promotional photo of Deskato's album La miel de las flores muertas

Desakato (Website)

On our last project, we have been entrusted by our friends the asturian punk rock group “Desakato”, to redesign their website, it was made in WordPress (completely personalized). Go to desakato.es and enjoy it!

Photo of the 10th anniversary of the 2018 AbejaRock beneficial festival.

AbejaRock (ORM)

We received the opportunity to manage the social media of one of the most acclaimed spanish punk-rock festivals in Bejar (Salamanca), the beneficial festival “AbejaRock”. We are focused on developing an entertainment space full of fun and news on the social networks. Follow our work on “AbejaRocks” Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.

Promotional photo of AlaDeMoska's album Sembraremos Rebeldía

AlaDeMoska (SEM)

For the promotion of the latest album “Sembraremos Rebeldía” of the talented band AlaDeMoska, they asked for our support in their SEM campaigns on social networks. With these campaings we redirected the traffic to specific landing pages on alademoska.com to obtein the best results. Tip: follow them and don’t miss anything of their work.

Promotional photo of Sinaia's album Presente

Sinaia (WebSite)

For “Siania”, a metal-punk band from Madrid, we developed a tailored website in WordPress offering an overview of the bands upcoming concerts, a playlist with all longplayers and videoclips of their latest singles. Check it out on sinaiarock.com.

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